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Fare niveau 7
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Fælles symptomer på infektion:
  • Installerer sig selv uden tilladelse
  • Forbinder til internettet uden tilladelse
  • System-nedbrud
  • Irriterende pop-ups
  • Langsom computer

Windows Prime Booster

Even though Windows Prime Booster looks like a legitimate security tool our researchers can guarantee that it is nothing more than a fictitious, rogue antimalware which will never detect or remove real computer infections. The rogue flaunts its legitimate looking scanner to trick you into thinking that various threats have corrupted the operating system. In reality, the threat which has put your virtual security in danger is the rogue itself, and in order to beat it you need to delete it from the system. Windows Prime Booster removal is not an easy task; however, if you postpone it there is a possibility that your computer security issues will just become.

Fictitious system updates, online scanners, misleading links, social engineering scams and various other tricks could be used to drop Windows Prime Booster onto your PC without any notice. The threat is composed of files which may mimic authentic Windows components or which may conceal their own presence from already existing security tools. Needless to say, if your security software has not detected and deleted Windows Prime Booster from the system it is high time you replace it with a more up-to-date, powerful one. Otherwise, soon enough you could discover that the threat has removed access to certain utilities, blocked the running of executable files or even restricted access to the Internet connection. All of this may lead to malware removal obstacles.

If you do not delete Windows Prime Booster right away, your computer will start running disorderly and your desktop will keep getting bombarded by unreliable, fictitious pop-up notifications rushing you to delete supposedly attacking malware. Moreover, other dangerous threats could find their way into your operating system. So, what should you do next? Unless you are highly experienced with manual malware removal and you have succeeded plenty of times, you should utilize authentic security tools to have Windows Prime Booster removed from the system automatically. We recommend a trustworthy, up-to-date tool SpyHunter.

Sådan slettes Windows Prime Booster

  1. Genstart din computer og tryk F8 adskillige gange, mens BIOS-skærmen indlæses.
  2. Vælg Fejlsikret tilstand med kommandoprompt i Avancerede startindstillinger og tryk Enter.
  3. Indtast cd... i kommandoprompten efter C:\Windows\system32\ og tryk Enter.
  4. Når C:\Windows\system32\-linjen vises, så indtast \explorer.exe for at fuldende den og tryk Enter.
  5. Åbn Startmenuen og indtast %appdata% i søgefeltet. Tryk Enter. (For Windows XP: Åbn Startmenuen, klik Kør, indtast %appdata% i feltet og tryk OK.
  6. Når mappen åbner, så slet filen "guard-{4 random symbols}.exe".
  7. Genstart pc'en i normal tilstand.
  8. Åbn Startmenuen og indtast regedit i søgefeltet. Tryk Enter. (For Windows XP: Åbn Startmenuen, klik Kør, indtast regedit i feltet og tryk OK.
  9. Gå til HKEY_CURRECT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon.
  10. Højreklik på "Shell" i højre panel, og vælg Rediger.
  11. Indtast %WinDir%\Explorer.exe for at ændre Værdidata og klik OK.
  12. Afslut Registreringseditor og gå til og installer SpyHunter.
  13. Scan din pc og fjern Windows Prime Booster fra systemet.
Download Windows Prime Booster infektionskanner
  • Hurtig og testet løsning til at fjerne trusler fra Windows Prime Booster .
  • Gem på dit skrivebord og kør nu!

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